May half-term Holiday Sports Camps

Next Generation NE Sport Coaching sport camps are full of fun. We offer a variety of sports and activities, providing excellent value for money.

The week will involve various traditional sports such as football, tag rugby, cricket, basketball, hockey and gymnastics. Our camps also contain some unusual sports including archery, volleyball and handball.

We provide a variety of fun activities and competitions throughout the week, so that everyone has an enjoyable, fun week and lots of laughs!

Children will be grouped loosely according to age & ability. The sport camp will be taken by qualified coaches. All of our coaching staff have been through a recent police clearance, first aid training & safeguarding training. The staff/pupil ratios will not exceed 1:20

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Westfield School


Tues 29th May - Fri.1st June

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Balliol Primary School


Tues 29th May - Fri.1st June

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Value for Money sports coaching for YOUR school

Next Generation NE Sport Coaching are specialists who focus on delivering quality lessons in Physical Education within Primary Schools across the region.

We provide PPA Cover, CPD training, lunch time and after-school clubs.

All our coaches are fully trained to UKCC Level 2 in various sports. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage the behaviour of pupils.

We offer over 13 different sports including football, rugby, basketball, tennis, cricket, gymnastics, handball, volleyball, hockey, athletics, badminton, golf and archery.



Dynamic movement, communication, decision making and footwork. Awareness, confidence, concentration and teamwork. Skills development of passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling. Fun !!

Agility, balance, turning, control, ball control, attack & defence. Passing, dribbling, shooting, tackling and teamwork. Fun !!


Rugby (Tag)

Developing balance, agility and coordination. Learning basic movements e.g. catching and throwing a rugby ball, running and evasion. Developing personal and social skills by learning to work individually ith others. Participation in individual and small sided challenges. Understanding and applying simple tactics.

Movement skills in isolation and combination. Personal and social skills through collaborating and communicating with each other. Self-evaluation of performance. Basic principles involved in attacking and defending. Tournament preparation. .



Development of balancing skills as an individual and when in pairs, understanding different positions and shapes. Skills development of forward, backward and teddy bear rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and headstands. Different types of jumps and landing techniques. Basic understanding of gymnastic equipment.

Further development of basic skills and learning more advanced skills. Putting skills into routines and building an understanding of how to link skills and jumps into a routine. Development of flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance. Build understanding of how to use correctly gymnastic equipment e.g. springboards, beams, vault, crashmats.



Master basic movements including passing, throwing and catching. Developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities. Developing simple tactics for attacking and defending. Finding space and keeping control of a ball. An introduction to the game of ‘Mini-Basketball’ and other play games using the rules.

Development of the ability to control and catch a ball and accurately pass a whilst moving. Use of conditioned games with whilst applying understanding of tactics and rules. Pupils will learn to select and apply tactics for defending and attacking and advise others in the techniques of the games.



A basic understanding of rules and skills. Skill development will include passing, dribbling, shooting and ball control. Pupils will participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.

Expand knowledge from KS1 continuing to develop on the basic skills linked to hockey. Mini-side games with rules added in to develop knowledge and putting tactics into attacking and defending. Tournament preparation and working on teamwork and fair play. .



Children explore running, jumping and throwing activities. Experimenting with different ways of travelling, throwing and jumping, and increasing their awareness of speed and distance. Skills development of good basic running, jumping and throwing techniques. Different challenges for distance and time. Combine skills learnt.

A focus on developing technical understanding of athletic activity. Pupils encouraged to set own targets and improve their performance. Expanding on knowledge gained from KS1, pupils learn to understand how to sustain their pace over longer distances, throw with greater control, accuracy and efficiency and perform a range of jumps showing power, control and consistency during both take-off and landing.



Developing ABC of tennis (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination). Focus on the striking of the ball. Start to look at understanding the serve and how to hold a racket. Mini activities and games to develop skill and fundamental movement skills.

Build on technique, tactics and playing the game. Focusing on the key skills, such as striking the ball, serving, ball placement and rallies. Working towards improving hand eye co-ordination and footwork to get into positions to hit the tennis ball correctly. .



Focusing on chipping, putting, pitching and trident golf. Allows students to focus on timing, co-ordination, aim and having fun while playing mini drills, games and competitions. It also provides opportunities for pupils to apply their numeracy and literacy skills in PE. No athletic ability required and can therefore be used to engage with semi-sporty or non-sporty children. This enables children of mixed abilities to easily participate together and provides a good introduction to hitting and striking as neither the participant nor the ball are moving.

Our Coaches


Stephen Irving

Lead Coach

Stephen Irving is the Lead Coach for Next Generation NE Sport Coaching. Stephen has extensive experience working for a sports coaching company working within schools in the Gateshead and North Tyneside areas.

Stephen is qualified to UKCC Standard across a number of sports including; Football, Rugby Union, Athletics, Cycling, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Handball, Aquatics, Rounders, Golf, Gymnastics, and Volleyball.

Stephen holds a BA Degree in Sport Management and Development and has played sport to a high level, in particular in Rugby Union and Cricket. He has recently turned his hand to golf, displaying his enthusiasm to continue to learn.


Jordan Richardson

Business Development Manager

Jordan Richardson is a Coach and Business Development Manager.

Jordan holds a MA in International Sports Management and a BA (Hons) in Sport Development with Coaching. He also holds a Level 2 Certificate in coaching football.

Jordan has strong relevant experience; recently successfully completing an academic year as an Associate Lecturer at Northumbria University (where he had teaching responsibility for BA Sport Coaching).

Jordan has coached football at both junior and senior levels since aged 16.

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